My E Myth Revisited Review for Med Spa Owners

If you haven’t read “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber, it’s time to make the time. One of my favorite clients introduced me to it and it unfolded many layers of business in a way that was exceptionally easy to understand. I could not put it down. In this post, I’m giving you my E-Myth Revisited review. This book is in my “Top 5” reading list for med spa owners. It’s a cornerstone book for every small business owner. 

Did you know that over half of all small businesses fail in the first five years? If you don’t want to be in that statistic and are ready to thrive, “The E Myth Revisited” lays out a clear plan for success. Let’s take a closer look.

The E Myth Revisited Part 1: The E-Myth and American Small Business

In this first section you learn about what the E-Myth is and the growth process of an entrepreneur. What is the “E-Myth”? The E-Myth is that entrepreneurs start businesses. They don’t. Businesses are usually started by technicians. Someone with a technical skill dreams of “being in business” for themselves. Gerber shares the powerful, true story of Sarah, the bakery owner. She’s drowning in work and not making enough profit. Can you relate? Gerber explains that “small business owners are doing the wrong work”. This was true for me. I worked in the beauty industry for someone else, grew a massive clientele, and then left to open my shop. Little did I know what ride I was in for! Part 1 walks you through the growth process of an entrepreneur, from “infancy” to “maturity”.

The E Myth Revisited Part 2: The Turn-Key Revolution: A New View of Business

Part 2 of The E Myth Revisited can be summarized by one phrase: work on your business, not in it. I quickly began to understand as a business owner that there were so many hats to be worn and I could not wear them all. What I needed were systems that would help me communicate clearly what I needed to someone else. Systems are the foundation of a successful business. Creating systems in your business that can be communicated to your employees through training and documentation, will create a flow in your business. It will allow the same work to be consistently done no matter who is doing it. Whether it is a facial protocol or front desk phone script, you want consistency in how you operate.

The E Myth Revisited Part 3: Building a Small Business that Works!

Part 3 goes through all the strategies that you need to develop in your business. This is really the “how” of the book. It’s where you learn about all the different systems you need to put in place in your business. This is where you start building your business intentionally. During this phase, you start to plan a business that fits your life. You learn about all the systems and strategies you need to put into place to have a thriving business. By the end of Part 3, you will have an action plan to get started. Part 3 is so encouraging. Your dream is absolutely doable.

You are Not Alone

If you are a med spa owner who started out as a technician with a dream for your own business, The E Myth Revisited is the book for you. Most small businesses start with technicians who have a dream of working for themselves, but they fail because they don’t have the skills to grow as a business owner and be successful. The E Myth Revisited will show you that with the right skills, you CAN be a thriving business. You don’t have to be a small business statistic. Grab your copy of the book here. 

Putting all these systems into place doesn’t have to be overwhelming and you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why I created Spa Project. We are here to help you create those systems and strategies that will take you from surviving to thriving as a med spa owner. You are not alone! Join our growing community, Grow Your Med Spa by clicking here, because it’s so important to have a community of support. Need more 1:1 help? Book a complimentary call here

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