Should you Invest in Training Your Medical Spa Team?

Are you investing in ongoing training for your employees as a med spa owner? It can be hard to justify the cost of training when you are on a tight budget.The key to better sales, though, is in the training. Your med spa team is a reflection of what you put into your business. Mold them, shape them, train them, and yes, invest them! The biggest thing that differentiates you from ALL of your competitors is your team. Most spas offer the same services and products, or a variation. What makes you stand out is your team.

If you are struggling with your awesome services and devices being underutilized, this post is for you. 

What if they leave?

You might be thinking to yourself, “If I invest into my team, they may take this knowledge and open their own shop!”  You’re right. That is the risk you take. But it should always be your goal to develop your business by developing your staff. The more they know, the more they can share with your customers. If they take that knowledge and go somewhere else, that’s business. I’ve done it myself. At the end of the day if you’ve equipped someone to grow that much, take it as a compliment and just keep doing what’s right. There is room for all of us in this space. 

“Should” or “Could” You Invest in Training Your Employees?

I listened to a meditation on the Calm app, called “Should Vs. Could ” by Jay Shetty just before writing this post. After I listened, I thought, “Wow, what an interesting concept! How does this apply to the med spa business? What’s the difference between how I “should” invest in my team versus how I “could invest in my team?” So let’s take a look at how these two concepts are different as you think about investing in training your employees as a med spa owner.


“Should you” invest is a moral concept. Does your team deserve your additional effort, money, and resources to invest in them? This way of thinking gives you a yes or no answer every time. It is a thoughtful concept and should you decide “YES”  to invest in your staff, it does make for a great story. You invested in your team because it is the right thing to do. 

“Could you” invest is a bit different. This question requires you to be more specific on the “how”. Here is an example. Let’s say you wanted to train your staff on how to help customers with a specific skill condition like melasma. Here are a few things you “could” do to train them:

  • You “could” pay for an online class or workshop that specifically defines melasma
  • You “could” schedule extra training with your reps for every device in your spa that you have that targets melasma
  • You “could” schedule more intense product training on ingredients in all of the skin care products you have that targets melasma
  • You “could” go as far as bringing in a new product or service that your staff has been asking for so that their melasma patients have the best of what they need to get results from their melasma


See how that works? When you think about how you “could” invest in your team and you do it, they get better. They make their clients better. In doing that, they don’t just make more money for you and the company, they also love their job. They know they are valued as employees and that can translate into a loyalty that has them staying with your company for a long time because they know you’ll invest in them.

Does it really make a difference?

One of my previous med spa owner employees struggled with managing all the things: bookkeeping, inventory, money and people.

One of the things she did right, though, was investing in her staff. She knew how to invest in and take care of her people: her nurses, her estheticians, her front desk and her managers. She made sure that everyone in the WHOLE company knew what they were doing and she still does. Her people know how to use their machines, how to use and sell their products, and they don’t ever run out of inventory. They go to shows, they go to conferences, they have “in the shop” training, and online training. The list goes on.

And guess what? Even though it was a chaotic and very unpredictable place to work, every single one of those girls still WORK there! That spa has some of THE Very Best service providers I know. They are the most knowledgeable about the services that they do, and they make some of the best money in the industry. They stay booked and their clients, hands down, know that they are in good hands. They know they will get the results that they are promised. 

Boost Sales by Investing in Training Your Employees

Start thinking about how you “could” create the best medical spa team in your area. In doing so you will impact your clients and your medical spa business. Training your staff will ultimately boost sales. The more knowledgeable your staff is, the more likely their sales are to go up. It might take some time – even a few  months- but hang in there!

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