Implementing an Effective Upsell System at Your Med Spa

Are your upsell opportunities getting lost between the treatment room and the front desk at your med spa? Not having an effective upsell system may be the problem. There needs to clear communication between spa team members so that they are all on the same page about their clients’ needs. In this post, I’ll outline an effective upsell system you can put in place at your med spa that will start boosting sales and your bottom line in no time!

Create a System 

Not long ago, I was at a microneedling appointment and asked about getting some IPL on my arms. When I got to check out, neither of us remembered that I was interested in booking that appointment. So guess what? I didn’t. The med spa didn’t get that extra sale,  AND, I still have last summer’s age spots on my arms! I wish they had reminded me when I got to the front desk and I absolutely would have booked. How many of our clients are thinking the same thing? Having a clear and effective upsell system in place will ensure that these lost sales don’t happen. Keep it simple but be consistent. Collect and store your client information so that you can personalize your upsell recommendations. Utilize client history and preferences to make targeted and relevant suggestions. Then create a space so that all staff can access these suggestions. That way they will be able to make personalized recommendations with confidence. 


Document Your System


Collecting data and taking notes are a huge part of the success of this system. Clients mention things during treatments. Your technicians need to have a record-keeping system so that they can document the things your clients mention. If my technician had this system in place I would have purchased that IPL service on the way out of the spa. If your technicians take notes inside of your software system, then all documentation will be in a centralized location. That will keep all records accessible and up to date. When the customer goes to the front desk, the front desk employee can access the notes from the appointment and suggest the products and services that were discussed during their treatment. There is no right way to create your workflow system as long as you actually create a system.

Provide Training to Teach the Upsell System to Your Staff

It’s important to develop training that will educate your staff on your upselling system. Everyone on your team should have a clear understanding of their role in this workflow. Technicians should not be relying on the front desk to do the upselling. This is the service provider’s job. That’s why it is important to document everything and then the front desk can read your notes. Remind your staff that your customers appreciate it when you talk to them about services. They have busy lives and may forget to book the appointment at a later date once they leave. Make this process easy for them by initiating the process and getting their next appointment on the schedule. 

How to Know if Your Upsell System is Working


A clear indicator of whether your upsell system is working is if you’re increasing your sales. Hold your staff accountable to their roles in this process. Review the system with your staff regularly. In the end, you should have a clear flow of information from the service provider to the front desk, and a very happy customer with a new appointment when they leave. If you need assistance designing your upsell system, Spa Project is here to help. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today!  



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