My Review of Atomic Habits for Med Spa Owners

This post is my book review of “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. What’s on your reading list? In a previous post I recommended The E-Myth Revisited. I’m sharing reviews of books that will help you build skills that will help your med spa business. “Atomic Habits” will help you build good habits that will help your business and your personal life. 

Atomic Habits Main Points

Atomic Habits is divided into six parts. In the first section, James Clear explains what habits are and how they shape our identity. In his words,  “Your habits shape your identity, and your identity shapes your habits.” He uses the rest of the book to explain the four “laws” that will help you create the habits that you want in your life. These laws are:

  1. Make it Obvious
  2. Make it Attractive
  3. Make it Easy
  4. Make it Satisfying


The final section includes “Advanced Tactics” you can put in place once you’ve mastered the basics.

Atomic Habits and Your Med Spa Staff

I worked with a spa owner who had fantastic ideas for making improvements in workflows and systems in her spa. What she struggled with was implementing these new processes. Her employees were in the habit of the “old way” and didn’t know how to get in the habit of the “new way” of doing things. From the outside, it looked like the staff was resisting changes and weren’t willing to give the new system a try. The truth was that they needed to implement these changes as new habits and make it a part of their routine. Med Spa owners need to create clear procedures when they implement new systems. These procedures need to include how to inform staff and hold them accountable. Atomic Habits can guide you in the process of changing the habits of your staff.

Set Your Business Goals

As you set goals for your med spa, you need clear systems in place to accomplish those goals. Atomic Habits will help you create a step-by-step strategy that will not only help you accomplish those goals, but have fun while you are getting there! Making small, intentional changes over time adds up. So take the time to dream about your business and how you want to grow. Use the guidelines in Atomic Habits to help you get there.  

Reach Your Personal Goals

Who do you believe yourself to be? How you view your identity is key in building new habits. James Clear says that we truly can make changes in our habits by aligning them with our identity. When we start aligning our habits with who we want to be, we are more motivated and more consistent. If you want to be a successful med spa owner, what habits do you need to add to your life that you aren’t currently doing? Start with a small step. If you want to have a business that fits into your other life goals, what habits do you need to start practicing? Brainstorm and dream! Use Atomic Habits as a guide to make your dreams a reality.


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