Post Event Follow Up for Med Spa Owners

Congratulations! You had your sales event for your med spa and it was a huge success! Now what? It’s so important to have a post event follow up strategy so that you can maximize your sales potential.

Your Post Event Follow Up Plan

Your post event follow up plan needs to include three key things: a team meeting, follow up calls and last minute sales. Let’s go through each of those action items and their value in your post event follow up strategy.

Post Event Team Meeting

Just like before your sales event, a post event team meeting is a critical part of your strategy. Each of your team members will have a different perspective on the event based on the role that they played. This debrief gives you a chance to review your goals, look at your numbers and hear everyone’s feedback. Discuss what went great and what could have been better. Make notes and save them for your next sales event.


Follow Up with Your Clients 

Chances are your checkout process may have been chaotic at your sales event. Dedicate the day after the sales event to follow up with your clients who made purchases and get their appointments on the calendar. You want to make these connections while they are still fresh. You also want to follow up with those who wanted to think a bit longer or check with their spouse before making a purchase. As an extra special touch, send each person who attended a thank you note. These special touches are things that will set you apart from the competition.

Post Event Sales 

Your post event follow up isn’t just a time to build connection. It’s also a time for you to make additional sales. We once made an additional $20,000 the morning after an event by calling clients and following up. Yes…$20,000! There may be clients who said that they were going to attend and couldn’t at the last minute. Follow up with them and offer them an additional amount of time to purchase for your special offer. Use your follow up calls to mention upsells you may have forgotten to mention in the chaos and busyness of the event. These 1:1 connections will give you additional sales that will help you meet your sales goals. 


The day after an event is more than just cleanup. It’s a critical piece of your sales event strategy. Following up is critical for reaching and exceeding your goal. Take the time for this important piece. 

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