Preparing Your Sales Event Marketing Strategy for Your Med Spa

You planned a beautiful sales event for your med spa. But then…crickets! What went wrong? Chances are you didn’t have a clear sales event marketing strategy. It’s not just about the decor and having hors d’oeuvres and wine scattered throughout the spa. You need to do more than just mingle and have your sales reps there. You need a plan. In this post, you will learn how to prepare your sales event marketing strategy for your med spa so that your next event is an incredible financial success!

Pre Event Marketing Strategy Meeting

It’s important to make sure everyone on your team understands your sales event marketing strategy from the very beginning. Have a pre-event marketing strategy meeting with your team 4-6 weeks ahead of your event. Make sure everyone is clear about what will be offered and educate them about their part in the sales process. For example, your front desk may be in charge of reminding customers about the event with an invite or flier at check out. Another member of your team will need to be in charge of your email marketing campaign. Be clear on what each person’s role is during the “pre-event” phase.This will help each member of your team feel like they are a part of the sales process and take ownership of their role. 

Set Your Goals for your Sales Event
It’s easy to get caught up with mingling, food and drinks at your events but it’s important to remember that these are not the main goal. Be clear about your sales goal so that you and your team can be strategic throughout the event.Your sales event is an opportunity to educate your customers and take them on a journey. You can use the event to educate them on how to use a specific product. Or you can have one of your team members do demonstrations to show them the process of a specific service. Having a goal will help you and your team be intentional during the event. It’s easy to get caught up with being a hostess, offering snacks and drinks and missing out on sales opportunities. Your plan will give you more freedom to be a host and meet your sales goals.

Story of a Sales Event Gone Wrong

Once I purchased $10,000 worth of new skincare kits with the intention of selling all of them at a sales event. The event was planned for an evening after spa hours. We had hors d’oeuvres, wine, and our sales rep had driven three hours to attend. My small staff of four was there and we were ready! And…crickets!!! I think one of my “mom friends” from my kids’ school came, and a few other clients stopped by. We had around $200 worth of purchases when it was all over. What went wrong?

Planning your strategy for your Sales Event

Having a strategy for your sales event is key to your success. Even though I’d printed flyers for the front desk to hand out and posted on Facebook a few times, my promotion wasn’t strategic. My staff and I weren’t on the same page about what to do during the event. I never really sat down and thought through the process of my customers’ journey during the event. Another time, we had a very busy, packed full of people, event and none of my staff was anywhere in sight. I felt like I was the only one talking to customers with the intention of educating about our services.The good news is that we learn from our mistakes. Years later, after working on strategy, our events ranged from $50,000-$200,000 in a single day. It can be done!

Preparing Your Sales Event Marketing Strategy

It’s time to take out that trusty spreadsheet! Once you and your team are on the same page about the goal of the event, it’s time to break it down into actionable steps. Decide how many people will need to attend the event in order to reach that goal. Plan your pre-launch strategy so that you can reach that goal. Make sure to get twice as many RSVPs so that you know you’ll have enough people to show up. Your staffing schedule will also need to be organized so that you have enough people there at the right times. Break out all of your action steps for before and during the event so that each person is assigned a task. If you have a project management tool like ClickUp, this is a great way to delegate tasks and keep track of progress. 

Enjoying You Sales Event and Celebrating Your Results

When you take the time to plan intentionally you are free to have fun and enjoy your time with your clients at your event. They get to know you and your business better and they are able to put their trust in you for their service needs. If you create an experience for them that lets them picture what working with you looks like, your next sales event will be very successful.

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